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 [[:howtoupdate|How to update]] [[:howtoupdate|How to update]]
-[[:whatisocr|What is OCR?]]+[[:profile|Your Profile]]
 [[:the26hourscycle|The 26hours cycle]] [[:the26hourscycle|The 26hours cycle]]
 [[:toplists|Toplists]] [[:toplists|Toplists]]
 [[:moments|Moments]] [[:moments|Moments]]
Line 20: Line 22:
 [[:notifications|Notifications]] [[:notifications|Notifications]]
 +[[:tg_bot|Telegram Bot]]
 [[:features|Features]] [[:features|Features]]
 [[:points|Points]] [[:points|Points]]
Line 30: Line 36:
 [[:googlelogin|Google Login]] [[:googlelogin|Google Login]]
-[[:ocrerrors|OCR Errors]] 
 [[:errorcodes|Errorcodes]] [[:errorcodes|Errorcodes]]
 +[[:account|Your Account]]
 **Achievements** **Achievements**
Line 39: Line 51:
 [[:info|Info]] [[:info|Info]]
-[[:whatachievements|What kind of achievements are available?]]+[[:whatachievements|What kind of achievements are available]]
-[[:sp|Special achievements]]+[[:special|Special achievements]]
 **Apps** **Apps**
Line 48: Line 60:
 [[:iosapp|iOS App]] [[:iosapp|iOS App]]
 **Contact** **Contact**
Line 58: Line 72:
 [[:links|Links]] [[:links|Links]]
 [[:donations|Donations]] [[:donations|Donations]]
Line 63: Line 79:
 **Translations** **Translations**
 [[:fr:start|French]] [[:fr:start|French]]
 [[:es:start|Spanish]] [[:es:start|Spanish]]
 [[:translationinfo|Translation Info]] [[:translationinfo|Translation Info]]
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