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-How are the points in the “Top List” calculated?\\ +<font 16px/inherit;;inherit;;inherit>**Points**</font>
-You get points for the official Ingress medals and your agent level.+
-Bronze Medal\\ +**How are the points in the “Top List” calculated?** \\ 
-1 point\\ +You get points for official Ingress medals.
-Silver Medal \\ +
-points\\ +
-Gold Medal \\ +
-3 points\\ +
-Platinum Medal\\ +
-5 points\\ +
-Onyx Medal\\ +
-points. \\ +
-AND\\ +
-1 point per agent level+
-Yearly Ingress MedalsFounder and Mission Days dont count!+{{  :points.png?nolink&1017x266  }} 
 +|Bronze Medal|1 point| 
 +|Silver Medal|2 points| 
 +|Gold Medal|3 points| 
 +|Platinum Medal|5 points| 
 +|Onyx Medal|7 points| 
 +**Yearly Ingress Medals and Founder do not earn points.** 
 +**Medals that are retired, such as Seer and Guardian, do not earn points.** 
 +**Medals that are not available to all agents do not earn points.** 
 +**- Exceptions: OPR and Scout do award points.** 
 +**Special events, such as Cassandra Neutralizer or DarkXM, do not earn points.** 
 +**Events that require a paid ticket (such as GORUCK, OCF) do not earn points.** 
 +**Onyx double, triple, etc. do not earn additional points.** 
 +**Levels do not earn points.** 
 +**Recursion is worth 1 point (no matter how many times you have recursed).** 
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