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Account creation

To create an account you need to apply via our sign-up page. Usually you get verifying within 3 days. If the Country-Mod's have a hard time verifying you, they will let you know, by setting you to “unknown”. This triggers an Email to you and now you have a chance to add more details to your application, just to help them verifying you. It helps a lot if you are trusted on Trustmaster or OneRing.

Banned Account

An account gets banned if you are playing against the rules or harass people in any way. Usually banning is done by Country-Mods. If you want to appeal the bann, feel free to write the Global Mods.

Deleted Account

An account gets deleted on the related agents request or if an agent does an Faction Change / Recursion to green. NO EXCUSES! Deleting can't be undone.

If you recurse back to blue, you can start a new blue account on TheGrid again.

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