Support System

If you have any technical problems with TheGrid, that you can't solve on your own , please get in touch with us via our Support-Ticket-System

Before you submit an Error Report

Please make sure your Bug is a REAL TheGrid problem.

  • Restart Phone
  • Close Browser
  • Clear cache
  • Clear cookies
  • Update your stats manually first if you experience a bug with missing stats / OCR
  • Make sure you are using the latest app version (update app)

Most of the time its just this stuff that makes the most problems.

For the best support, we need the following data from you
Phone model, OS version, APP version, Screen Resolution, Ingress Agent Name

Use the link provided in the Email if you have a OCR failure or use the buttons “Bad OCR” in the App (at the update screen)

If you have any sort of special errors

Please report to:


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