Sitrep / Event Report

A user, or a mod, can request a log entry to be accepted as sitrep for an event. Mods can use the admin toolbox to promote an existing candidate log to actually become the event's sitrep (and remove it again if needed).

How to add a Sitrep?

A user uses a log entry's context menu to reach the edit form for submission

A user (or mod) can choose from any events that the log owner currently have on their profile - that means events the log owner are considered to be a participant of.

The log entry's sitrep proposal status is visible (top-right) to a log's owner, and to any mod.

When an entry is approved as sitrep for the event, the status changes to “Approved as sitrep for [event name]”. An event which is approved can no longer be edited by the user in this regard.

How Mods handle Sitreps?

A moderator uses the admin toolbox “sitrep” section to handle the proposals.

Which logs and events can be handled?

Moderators can handle any sitrep proposal of logs by agents who are registered in a region of which they are a mod. Furthermore, any other log entries (from agents wherever from) which pertain to the same event are shown as well.

Selecting a sitrep

An event can have at most one (1) registered sitrep. Sitrep status is bestowed upon the worthiest log entry using the form controls, and is immediately effective on the event's page.

Clearing up admin clutter with finalize or dismiss

When a worthy sitrep is decided upon (or it is decided no entry is interesting enough), an event can be “finalized” (or “dismissed”), after which the selection is moved away from the non finalized (“inbox”) section. At this point, the selection of this event is grayed out in the user's sitrep selection view.

A moderator can always “un-finalize” an event and adjust the selections.

What does it look like?

An event's page has a participant list, but possibly also a sitrep. If a sitrep is registered, these two views are now shown as tabs in the event's view, with the sitrep tab being shown as default.

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