Retired Achievements

Frog Farm Killer
This is a special contribution achievement. To get it, simply make a
stats upload where you select it as a special contribution. If you feel that
your actions deserve it, please select it and write a 100 character (or longer)
field report in the field above. Example: If you have destroyed many green
L8 portals that are less than a day old and that were built in a frog farming
This Medal can be achieved by uploading your stats between 18:00-21:00 UTC
at the DarkXM series in March/April 2018. Its levelable - max Level is 4, because
there are 4 events.
This Medal was given out to all Agents that took part in Shard-Gameplay
(Intel/OP/Cleaner/Blocker/ShardPortal) in Q1 2017. You even could get
them when you supported a Shard OP on IRFN.ORG.
Swamp Cleaner
If you (and maximum one more agent at the same time) destroy all green
P7+ portals in a “problem area”. It is up to local moderators to define problem areas.
Special Donation Medal in Userprofile
This Medal was introduced in December 2019. It was added to all donating
agents in December 2019.
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