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Errorcodes from the backend

400 : missing parameters
401 : authentication failed/invialid usertoken
Help: Login via the APP first, then share stats. Or Logout/Login then share again.
Clear cookies in browser, clear App-Data. If this doesnt help → uninstall - reinstall the app again.
403 : This is sort of a special error depending on special devices & os. it happens sometimes and we dont know exactly why.
500 : Server error / OCR failed

Errorcodes generated by the Dispatcher-App

400 : Screen Resolution not supported »> Contact DonDarkness
800 : Unknown error (ie default error message)
801 : Screenshot not shared from Ingress »> Just share directly from Ingress. No sharing from gallery is allowed.
802 : Malformed url
803 : Network Error
804 : No json received from the backend
805 : Parsing of the statistics json from backend failed
810 : Failed to read Ingress screenshot »> DOWNLOAD OUR NEW APP
Help: In Android: Open app info > Permission > enable storage permission for TheGrid
888 : No json received from the backend »> If you are a lucky guy/girl with an “Error 888” »> Regarding that error, you should post that screenshot to your local MOD and include device name/manufacturer.

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