Standard Achievements

Master Hacker
Make 500 Hacks in one day.

Link Master
Make 70 Links in one day
Master Mind
Create 40 Control Fields in one day
Iron Man
Walk 20km in one day
BAF Master
Capture 20000 MU in one day
Destroy 100 Control Fields in one day
Epic Explorer
Hack 50 unique Portals in one day
Kill it with Fire
Destroy 700 Resonators in one day
Pro Builder
Deploy (or upgrade) 500 Resonators in one day
Engineer on Speed
Deploy 70 Mods in one day
Staying Alive
Recharge 400000 XM in one day
Make 500 Glyph Points in one day
My Precious
Capture 100 Portals (not unique) in one day
Get achievements Kill it with Fire, Epic Explorer,
My Precious and Pro Builder in one day

Make 10 Drone hacks in one day (not unique)
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