When you have entered your stats for the first time, you will start uploading your stats to The Grid periodically. After you have done your first periodic update (so that is the 2nd time you upload/enter stats) a 26 hours cycle will start, which will end at a set time. This only happens when you do a regular or a silent update.

At which time the cycle ends you can see under: Menu > Progress. At the top of the page you will see when the cycle ends. Below that you see a list of your progress and the requirements for each goal. Every update you do will start another 26 hour cycle. This will not replace your current checkpoint. Therefore it is possible to have multiple overlapping 26 hour cycles active, you can switch between them with the arrow buttons.

An emulated update is best used to easily see how far you have progressed without having to check every stat yourself and without starting another cycle. In the bottom part of the e-mail you receive after an emulated update there will be a list with your progress on The Grid achievements.

A 26 hour cycle was choosen, because most people update their stats once a day at the same time (more or less). 26 hours gives 2 hours margin for errors. If you’re afraid to miss your cycle end, check under “Settings” and enable your personal reminder. You will get a Telegram Notification or an E-Mail 30 minutes before the statistics checkpoint (the 26 hour window) expires. We send out reminders for all expirering 26h windows, so if you update several times per day and have several windows open, you get some more notifications as well.

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