What are achievements?

An achievement is a kind of medal that is rewarded to active players who completed a goal within 26 hours.

How to update?

You have 26 hours to get your achievement. Best option is, to reach it as fast as possible, to update before you start playing, then update after playing. Then check your update email or the dispatcher app if you are close to an achievement and go out and play again - and update again to get the achievement you just completed. Have fun.

How many levels can I get from each achievement?

Unlimited. The first time you get it, it will be Level 1, next time Level 2 and so on. The color of the medal will change up to Level 8, and then stay the same until lvl 100 where it turns blue. They just indicate how many times you completed the achievement.

Will the requirements for achievements increase for each level?
Not each level, but after the 99th Level. For L100 - until Level “infinity”, the requirements are 50% higher than L1-L99.

How do I get an achievement?

First, make sure you update your stats before you start to play using OCR (both e-mail and the Dispatcher app works fine). Then update again after you finished playing. You can only get the same achievement once per 26 hours.

I didn't get my achievement. Why?

One or more of the following disqualified you from getting the achievement:

  • You didn't use the app for uploading your stats
  • You didn't make two score updates within the 26 hour period.
  • You already unlocked this medal once in the last 26 hours.
  • It took you longer than 26 hours to achieve the goal.
  • You didn't achieve the goal. Double check your stats and make sure you got enough “points”.

How can I know on beforehand which achievements I can get?

If you start progress on an achievement you will see a text saying “Complete goal before xx:xx and you will get this achievement” if you are elgible for it. If you aren't, the text will say “You didn't update the score related to this achievement. Update today, and try to complete the goal tomorrow!”.

“Progress” tells me that I cannot get a achievement today, why?

This message means that the score related to this achievement was 0 in your oldest update within 26 hours. You need to wait until tomorrow before you can take it. The reason for this is either that you are a new user of the-grid, or that you are trying to take a medal that is new.

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