To appear on Toplists you need two updates in the current period and two updates in the previous period. So, to appear in March Toplist you need to be in February Toplist. This is to prevent new users taking the top position.

To clarify:
Your first upload in a week on, lets say, Monday 0:01 AM is your start count. Then you upload as often you want to for the week. On Sunday, latest 11:59 PM (23:59), should be your last upload. Then we wait till everybody in the world is on Monday (Thank god for timezones) and start counting the Week Toplist. (Monday's at 14:00).

Same for monthly and yearly Toplists. (Month is always from the 1st - till the last day)

All-time-Toplists automatically update every upload.

Toplist errors

If you are noticing a log that spams the Toplists, like a new user that just entered TheGrid, please report this via the cogwheel “Report Update”

When are toplists updated?

Top lists are updated continually after (app) updates. Normally that happens anywhere between a few seconds and up to a few minutes after the update. It may also takes more time if there are many agents updating their stats at the same time.
There's also scheduled jobs to take care of a lot of oddities that happens in top lists, for example if one top list update slipped through the cracks. Give it up to three hours if your stats aren't updated as you think they should be (also, give the section “To clarify” a read if you missed it).

Top lists may also be changed, for example, when moderators correct updates from agents for numerous reasons.

Topsmurf Awards

Top Smurf is awarded the day after a period has ended according to this schedule:
14:05 on Mondays for last weeks top list
14:10 on the first day of the month for last months top list
14:15 of the first day of the year for last years top list

  • In some cases top lists are changed enough after Top Smurf has been awarded that we're forced to change it. That's normally not the case though.
  • All times are in Europe/Stockholm time unless otherwise noted. (CET/CEST, depending on time of year)
  • All time stamps in this text are subject to change, but were correct at time of writing this text.
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