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To appear on Toplists you need two updates in the current period and two updates in the previous period. So, to appear in March Toplist you need to be in February Toplist. This is to prevent new users taking the top position.

Same for monthly and yearly Toplists.

Toplists automatically update every upload.

Toplist errors

If you are noticing a log that spams the Toplists, like a new user that just entered TheGrid, please report this to DonDarkness. He can mark it as “index update”.

Toplist generation

New weekly, monthly and yearly Toplists are generated when the last Timezone on earth (UTC+14) has finished the measurement period.

Times of generation

X:30 every hour - Weekly Toplist

X:40 every hour - Monthly Toplist

X:50 every hour - Yearly Toplist

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