- Feature: More excellent work from ehlo! The compare agents page (reached from the main menu) now has autocomplete support and uses the new template
- Feature: Also a couple of other pages now hade autocomplete support for input fields.
- Also: As always, there's a lot of stuff going on in the back end Top lists should be more stable now than they've been for a long time, even though we know it's not perfect yet.


- Feature: A list of the Grid team is available on /team


- Feature: StE2017 badges!
- As always, a bunch of stuff got fixed and worked on in the backend.


- Feature: Lot's of Smurf the Earth 2017 preparations, too many to list them all
- Feature: Much work in the backend to keep everything running as smoothly as possible during StE


- Feature: New sign up pages
- Feature: Moderators have new tool to work with signups too
- Feature: Google login is no longer in beta
- Feature: Now allowing screen resolutions in 600p for OCR


- Feature: Some stuff for Smurf the Earth 2017: signup page, moderator stats
- Bugfix: forgotten client_id for android stage dispatcher
- Feature: Sort achievements on user profile page by achievement level (nice rainbow!)
- Feature: New support page (link to external service)
- Bugfix: The edit update feature does add junk from stats section  any more


<code>- New base box for developers, props @ehlo
- iOS/Safari fixes for profile->achievements, props @muffinslayer
- Achievements on user profile page is now sorted by level as suggested by @monotovarisj


<code>Bugfix, on user profile - fix "bleeding borders" and mismatch background-colors for achievement icons


<code>Reworked achievement system.
New way in rendering achievements - CSS all the way baby. Also introduced some graphical touch ups.


New page for support requests.


* [BETA] Google login is now live


* Shards achievement live!
* Top Smurfs is probably more accurate than ever, fingers crossed...
* As usual, lots of stuff happening in the background.


* Edit logs (first public feature by new commiter bannedRider!)
* New style on signup page
* Lot's of backend bugfixes and cleanups


* Support for 810p OCR uploads
* Links to FAQ and community on G+ here and there


* Luminary
* Speeding up all pages showing log entries by almost 5 secods. About time too...
* Support 800p OCR uploads


* More logging to help developers keep with the flow
* Little Bobby Tables will have to go somewhere else to play
* Via Noir added


* The code that handle image stuff is now a tad tidier. It might even get a date.
* Helpful API helpers introduced.
* Top secret, don't tell anyone: beta version of image upload through API.
* The very verbose logging in dev mode is not that verbose any more. And doesn't cause the dev machine to hang do to excessive logging, either.


* Link to "Unique portals visited in september 2016” on profile page now actually go to september 2016, and not the current month. Very embarrassing that was.
* Month-dropdown on Top Toplist now contain October 2016. And hopefully, soon, all the months since the dawn of man (or, The Grid - at least).
* Logs, logs logs. Some invisible things that will help us track bugs and other nasty stuff.


<code>* Mostly behind the scenes work like logging, cleaning up code, database migrations, etc, etc.


* Much work on the new top lists
* Show the date a log was uploaded on instead of the date a log was updated on when viewing a log
* Favicon
* Via Lux


* Some random strings weren't as random as they should have been. Now the random strings are a lot more random again.
* Smurfathon beta
* New top lists


* More beergress alternatives
* Stage version of web site only talks to it's itself now. It was feeling lonely before, but get's more love now.
* Refresh of setup instructions
* Midsummer explorer achievement is only supposed to be achieved on midsummer. Now it is so. At least for 2016.
* Behind the scenes work happened behind the scenes. It better that way.


* Moved most static resources to
* Lots of old stuff cleaned out
* Even more stuff done behind the scenes to make the place more habitable for the dev team


Improvements in
* Readability in code
* Testing
* Management of dependencies


So long postfix, and thanks for all the fish!
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