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Frog Farm Killer_PARATABLE_INS_This is a special contribution achievement. To get it, simply make a_PARATABLE_INS_stats upload where you select it as a special contribution. If you feel that_PARATABLE_INS_your actions deserve it, please select it and write a 100 character (or longer)_PARATABLE_INS_field report in the field above. Example: If you have destroyed many green_PARATABLE_INS_L8 portals that are less than a day old and that were built in a frog farming_PARATABLE_INS_event.
Shardilicious_PARATABLE_INS_This Medal was given out to all Agents that took part in Shard-Gameplay_PARATABLE_INS_(Intel/OP/Cleaner/Blocker/ShardPortal) in Q1 2017. You even could get_PARATABLE_INS_them when you supported a Shard OP on IRFN.ORG.| | |Swamp Cleaner_PARATABLE_INS_If you (and maximum one more agent at the same time) destroy all green_PARATABLE_INS_P7+ portals in a “problem area”. It is up to local moderators to define problem areas.| | |DarkXM_PARATABLE_INS_This Medal can be achieved by uploading your stats between 18:00-21:00 UTC at the DarkXM series in March/April 2018. Its levelable - max Level is 4, because there are 4 events.
Special Donation Medal in Userprofile_PARA__TABLE_INS_This Medal was introduced in December 2019. It was added to all donating agents in December 2019.
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