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7 different achievements in one day
Type “Beer with @agentname” at the update textfield. The only badge that
can be achieved every 24h. Can be achieved for having a beer with one or
more other agents / or social gathering. You can have this Medal as well if
you dont have a Beer and drink different type of stuff with other agents.

“Beer” can be replaced by the following localized words and it works as well:
beers, öl, fulöl, finöl, bira, öler, ölen, bira, beergress, #beergress, bier, weizen, dosenbrot,
hopfenkaltschale, cerveza, cerveja, chela, cervexa, bir, peeva, bere, olut, beior
This is a special contribution achievement. To get it, simply make a manual
stats upgrade where you select it as a special contribution. Apply if you
arranged an event that you feel made a difference for the gameplay.
Examples of events that are valid for the Leader achievement:

Arranging a BAF event (with at least 3 agents and ~500kMU captured)
Arranging an L8-farm
Being a teamleader during a big event, such as an anomaly
Captain Haddock
A hidden achievement of Beergress, Kill it with Fire, Genius and Mastermind.

Command & Conquer
A hidden achievement of Leader, Kill it with Fire, Pro builder and Link Master.
This medal is for weekly winner of “Starksmurf”, a contest run in some cities.
The contest is about resonators destroyed.
You can achieve this Medal if you donate via Paypal.
Please dont donate “just” 1€, because if you do, paypal eats it up with his fees.
Bike Team
This Medal can be achieved by participating in a Biketeam at an Anomaly. Codes are given out by local POC's from the Anomalysite.
Frog Tears
Did you crash the frog's flash farm? Clean out a suburb from green phlegm? Something even more spectacular? Make sure you write a short sitrep (100+ characters) and that it's in line with your country or city's guidelines and get rewarded!
Read the FAQ achievement. Sorry, no medal for it. :-)
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