Prepare yourself for Smurf the Earth 2021 - it will be legendary! The worldwide biggest Resistance event is back! If you participate, please play fair and follow your local laws and COVID-19 restrictions!

Compete with agents in your country and around the world in stats competitions and win respect and prizes! Who will be the Top Smurf?

Every participating smurf tried to win. Agents played longer, harder and more organized than before. Farms were built in regions which had never seen a farm before, just to replenish item stocks. Agents organised trips to ENL areas with pure force, leaving behind destruction and grinning faces. EVERYONE fielded! EVERYONE modded! EVERYONE (ok, nearly EVERYONE) recharged! Some even tried glyphing!

Smurf the Earth is a global competition open to all RES Ingress players. Agents compete in many different categories to see who comes out on top. The competition takes place in the last week of March 2021 and the second week of April 2021, so you have two opportunities to do your best. Stats are recorded via “The Grid” which is a res only stats tool. Important - This is not a Niantic contest, it is organised by Resistance players for Resistance players.

Any RES agent can take part! Old or young, new or retired! Please invite your friends to take part! Whatever your Ingress style there is a category for you, there are around 40 different categories for different play styles. Even if you’re a lazy player there’s a category for you. And yes, we will have a category if you are still in lockdown mode in 2021.

Get out and play Ingress as much as you can during the weeks involved, and upload your stats to The Grid! There are lots of different categories which are won separately. The categories are not simple like “resonators destroyed” they are complex formulas and combinations of stats, and even some fun categories. We have added new formulas, which we keep a secret until after the event, so everyone has a chance to win, and players cannot game the system. Rules are being finalised and will be released in early March.


Please post about this! This is not a secret competition! Please use the hashtag #STE2021. We want to see your adventures and sitreps! Please remember though, do not post screenshots of The Grid in public.

Everyone gets a badge on The Grid for taking part! Winners will get a cooler medal. Unfortunately we cannot provide a scanner medal, unless Niantic wants to help. Some agents might make Mission banners related to Smurf the Earth.

We will award global prizes for top places in the categories of the competition. These will include medals on The Grid and maybe also real life swag and medals! One player will be crowned the Ultimate Champion, with an incredible secret prize!

A Swag shop will be available on TheGrid Website latest 4 weeks before the event starts.

  1. Register on TheGrid. Best to be done via a Computer. Input as much information as possible.
  2. Wait to be approved by a MOD (should take max. 3 days) Being approved on Trustmaster or OneRing helps to get verified faster!
  3. Download our Android or iOS App. Android link or iOS link
  4. Join the “Smurf the Earth 2021” Group on TheGrid. You need to be in the group all the time to participate!
  5. Link your Telegram Account at TheGrid settings. Connecting it with The Grid telegram bot is required for taking part in Smurf the Earth!
  6. Join the “TheGrid Help” Channel on Telegram.
  7. Join the “TheGrid Smurf the Earth 2021” Channel on Telegram.
  8. Join the global Smurf the Earth Info Ticker

Gameplay Week 1: Monday 29. March 2021 - 00:00 UTC - Sunday 04. April 2021 - 23:59 UTC

One week break to farm again.

Gameplay Week 2: Monday 12. April 2021 - 00:00 UTC - Sunday 18. April 2021 - 23:59 UTC

After Week 1 there will be a Scoreboard on TheGrid, after Week 2 as well. And a Final Scoreboard from combined Weeks 24h after the Event finished.

The Grid Support Channel on Telegram

Smurf the Earth Chat Channel on Telegram

Feel free to donate via our upcoming Swagshop or via our donation system. You even get a special “Donation Medal” for it. Thank YOU for helping us to pay the bills for this service.

-ONLY Smurfs are allowed to participate.

-The Event takes place in 2 different weeks in March & April 2021

Week 1 starts Monday 29. March 2021 - 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday 04. April 2021 - 23:59 UTC.

Week 2 starts Monday 12. April 2021 - 00:00 UTC and ends Sunday 18. April 2021 - 23:59 UTC.

Each week is measured separately and the better result for each category counts. If you just want to play one week, that is also possible!

-We use the APP The Grid

Android-Download: CLICK HERE

iOS-Download: CLICK HERE

How to use The Grid: CLICK HERE

-Your Telegram account must be connected to TheGrid Telegram Bot!

-Registered users of The Grid have to opt in to the Smurf The Earth 2021 group by clicking the join button on the group. This is important, because if you don't join the group, you can’t participate and your score will not be counted.

-The Time of the event, and therefore significant for all the participants, is the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT = UTC 0:00) LINK TO GMT.COM This means - The week starts on Monday 0:00 UTC and ends on Sunday 23:59 UTC.

-Submit your starting-stats on Monday 0:00 UTC at the earliest. (If you start your week on Tuesday or Sunday does not matter.)

-The ending-stats must be submitted before Sunday 23:59 UTC at the very latest. (If you go to bed at e.g. 21:00 UTC you submit then.) You can upload as often you want to between these dates.

-The categories will be calculated from the stats-differences. The uploaded statistics must be shared from the All Time view of your scanner to The Grid. The formulas for the calculation of the different categories will remain secret until the winners are announced. That makes it more interesting and nobody can play just for one goal.

-The Orga-Team will be the only judge if there are any quarrels. All decisions are final.

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